Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been spending my time in my foster parents' bathroom. It is a good size...the shower is my bed. And since I make a little mess with my tube feeding, my foster mom says it makes for easy clean-up!

Anyways, today I noticed that the bathroom door was slightly ajar. I usually see some other cats out there...but today, no one was there. It was a free freedom! I quickly ran under the bed, where it always looks so soft and warm. There are blankets under there and I think the other cats sleep there sometimes. I was a little bit nervous, but I really like being those other cats I see! I just want to be like them! My foster mommy found me there. She laughed because she said I looked cute under there. And then she just let me be. I am getting pretty good at eating on my own...I am trying! Mom says I will be able to stay out all the time, if I can start eating all by that is my goal! I sure am enjoying some of my time as an escape artist!


  1. Haha evasive action! Well done Darren :) Keep eating those treats & working your way up to eating all by yourself! We're cheering for you big guy!

    & to your foster mommy--you're a saint (as Darren has probably already told you a hundred times over)--keep up the awesome work & thank you for caring!! I would love to donate something to Darren's cause. My kitty just passed a couple of days ago :( & we have some medical bills to worry over now. But I'm hopeful I can squeeze out -something- for this gorgeous boy!

  2. I used to live with a scaredy-cat Russian Blue, too!